The Red Petals' Debut Album is Out!

As many of you know, my son J.C. is part of a blues trio called The Red Petals. J.C. (vocals and guitars), Austin Pacharz (bass) and Matt Lowber (drums) have been working for almost two years on their debut album. I am indisputably biased but I think it’s a terrific piece of work. The production is professional, the playing superb and the songs are lyrically and melodically original and accessible.

Perhaps what I like most about the album is that I think the music spans the generations. I know that the band’s contemporaries will love it because they keep turning up for the shows. But I genuinely believe people my age will enjoy it as well. Some of this is throwback music that will convince the younger set that not all old music is boring music and will convince the older set that there is still great new music to be had. A bit about the songs:

Apple Tree Girl is simply infectious fun.

Back Before You Know It harkens back to some of the early blues greats.

Silver Moon just needs a bottle of wine, a sunset and the one you love to be complete.

I defy you to get Bourbon Street out of your head after listening a few times through.

Prelude and She’s on Fire are a wonderful combination of influences from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Stevie Ray.

Tumbleweed is J.C.’s shot at a classic blues riff that he does proud.

Finally, Built a Prison not only rocks but has something to say—one of my favorite combinations.

Give it a try and, if you like it, give it some love by clicking on any of the following sites, or wherever you get your music. It’s available for download now but will also be out on vinyl soon as well (which I think is really throwback!).