J.C. McKim

The Red Petals Black Hills Tour

Heading off for some travel so doing the monthly update a little early. The Red Petals came to the Black Hills this weekend for a show in Rapid City and one in Spearfish. Here are a few clips.

First some straight ahead rockin’ blues (replete with bass and drum solos), followed by my favorite Van Morrison song and then a little late night bluegrass in the Wyoming countryside. Enjoy!

The Music blog

I have been playing guitar and writing songs for over 40 years. In 2001 I released an album of original songs called The Road that is available online.

One of the great blessings of my life is that my sons, J.C. and Cal, play guitar (among other instruments) and sing as well. All three of us do gigs from time to time and J.C. has a terrific blues trio called The Red Petals. I'll post upcoming gigs, news and the occasional album or concert review here.

Me, Cal and J.C.

Me, Cal and J.C.